1-rimworld long term task

You can order your colonists to clean floors, haul items or cook meals whenever you want. However, you may have noticed that you can’t order to do a research. Knowing that sometimes research has to be done ASAP, it’s a real pain in…

Don’t worry, it’s not a bug and there’s a reason you cannot prioritize long term task and there also is a very simple fix for that.

What is a long term task?

Imagine you getting two orders – one of them is going to buy milk to the shop next-door and the other one is buying milk at the shop 300 miles away. Once you get an order, you have to complete it, no matter how do you feel, how hungry you are etc. Going to a shop next-door is a piece of cake, but taking a 300-mile trip immediately sounds insane, right?

Research in Rimworld may take a few days to complete and if you would be able to order to do researches until completion – that colonist would probably die of exhaustion!

That is why you can order to do most of the tasks, but you cannot prioritize long term task.

How to fix this issue?

There are two good, effective and quick ways to fix this problem. As you may already know, research has the lowest priority by default. It means that if a colonist is assigned to anything else than a research, he will try to take care of other things first (cooking, crafting, cleaning, hauling etc.)

The first solution for this is to have a colonist, which specializes only in research. Yes, that’s a bit costly when starting out, but if you think you can manage cooking, hunting, mining and sowing without your most intelligent colonist – assign him to do research only!

2-rimworld long term task
Guzman is responsible for research, but still helps in critical situations

Another way to solve this is to change the in-game priorities. Prioritizing will let you assign your colonists to your preferred tasks, but if research comes up – they’ll get to that instead of other tasks. Here’s how to change these priorities:

  1. Click on “Work” tab at the bottom of game screen
  2. Click on “Manual properties”

    3-rimworld work table
    Each number shows priority
  3. Table will change and you should see many numbers, which mean priority. Find a colonist with the best research abilities and change his research priority to a lower number. You can do that by clicking left and right mouse buttons.

    4-top priority task is research now
    Now there’s NOTHING more important than research for Guzman

And that’s it! Now this colonist will prefer to do research instead of anything else. But be aware – ANYTHING else. So you should consider changing priorities for firefighting, wardening or doctoring too.

BONUS: How to research faster?

Research may take even a few in-game months to complete and it depends not only on colonist skills. As these tasks are long term, every improvement here is important and should be known to every player.

Did you know that research room cleanliness affects the efficiency of researching? If room with a research bench is very dirty, research speed will be reduced to 0,75x. However, if you manage to keep that room sterile, the speed will rise up to 1,09x! So, yes – it’s worth to keep everything clean.

Don’t bother building your research bench outside, because you’ll get a permanent 0,75x speed penalty. And build chairs – these will help your colonists stay comfortable and feel better while working.

Now you know why you cannot prioritize long term task in Rimworld. If research is very important at the moment – take some time to apply these tweaks and have fun!



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