Why is my freezer not working

Freezer is one of the most vital things in RimWorld. Once you start a new colony, a freezer has to take the top of your to-do list. However, many new players often have problems building a fully functioning one. Even long-time players can face a few difficulties. Here we have literally all possible problems and solutions for a freezer, which is not working like it should. Let’s get to them.

Set the right temperature

Believe it or not, but many new players struggle with setting a freezing temperature of a cooler. It really looks like you only need to build a cooler and it will “cool”, right? Well, not in RimWorld. Coolers in this game aren’t meant to make a freezer. The main purpose of them is to keep a nice and steady inside temperature, even during heatwaves. That is why the default cooler temperature is set on 21°C.

To solve this problem, all you need to do is build a cooler, click on it and set a preferred temperature by clicking -10°C or -1°C. Start by setting to -2°C and check the room temperature after about a minute. If it still isn’t dropping below 0°C – reduce more.

1-Rimworld why is my freezer not working
Set a freezing temperature

No electricity

There may have been an electric explosion recently that you totally forgot about. This is especially relevant for small colonies, as colonists tend to be too busy to fix electrical circuits, or solar flare maybe? Always start diagnosing with simple tasks like checking power supply. However, this problem is indicated by a yellow lightning on a cooler (look at the picture below).

2-Rimworld why is my freezer not working
“Not connected to power”

Cooler is placed incorrectly

This problem is popular among both experienced and new players. To make sure that the placement of a cooler is clear: a cooler has cold (blue) and hot (red) sides. The blue side must face your freezer while red side is the “exhaust” – it should on the outside or in another room. But be aware that you can reach extremely high inside temperatures by doing that!

No walls or doors

It may sound silly, but once you remove one wall/door block – you completely eliminate the room until you put that block back. Better be safe than sorry and check all doors and walls. If you have a complicated structure for your freezer – it’s easy to miss a spot. Don’t go over rebuilding a whole system and make sure that all walls and doors are in their places.

Still, why is my freezer not working?

Did it ever work? If yes: when did it stop working properly? Most likely, the problem is a poor insulation. Even a perfectly fine freezer can work poorly during heatwaves if your walls are 1-block wide. Try doubling them, because this is a fine insulation, which helps freezer to keep low temperatures even during extreme heatwaves. Same goes for doors – double them too!

3-Rimworld why is my freezer not working
A well insulated freezer

Tips for making your freezer more efficient

You don’t have to only fix your mistakes – you need to learn from them. Remember these fine tips and your colony will thrive in no time:

  • Use the heat from your coolers – by creating freezing temperatures, coolers also create high temperatures at the “exhaust” side. You can use it for your advantage during cold days. But remember – these temperatures can reach even a 100°C!
  • Build your freezers near outer walls – this will help you to get rid of cooler’s heat easier
  • Don’t build vents next to the exhaust – you may have noticed that cooler is not placed next to a vent in our example. It may seem like that a vent should work in both situations, but… it doesn’t.
  • Set a very low temperature – most players set their freezers to about -2°C, but you will be much safer by going for -20°. Your food and herbal medicine will stay frozen for longer during solar flares or electrical explosions, especially with a good insulation.
4-Frozen food
Bon Appétit!

Next time you won’t find yourself thinking “why is my freezer not working”, because you know how to keep low and steady temperatures, protect your freezer from solar flares and insulate it better. Good luck!


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