human leather rimworld

Let’s hope that nobody came here thinking that this article is going to be about real human leather – it’s all about Rimworld, folks! So, as creepy as it sounds – this is a pretty common material in Rimworld and it can be acquired pretty easily. However, collecting this leather does not seem right even in a game, so it should be worth it, but is it?

About human leather

You can get it just like any other leather – kill and butcher. It doesn’t seem very brutal when talking about animals, but it’s a whole different story when it comes to people – and colonists know that. Normal colonists hate eating human meat, hate human leather and hate wearing apparel made of it. The only exceptions are psychopath, cannibal and bloodlust colonists.

In the early versions of Rimworld, human leather was the second most valuable leather. Nowadays it dropped down to 4th (out of 20) and it still is considered as an expensive item. You may not get rich by selling it directly, but you definitely can by making jackets, hats etc.

Another question is why it’s so expensive? Bear in mind, that both armor and insulation are less than average, so it’s pointless for protection. It also doesn’t grant any beauty as colonists literally hate it and gets mood penalties.

The secret is in rarity. Just like in real life – rare items are expensive, so is human leather in Rimworld.

Should you collect it?

We have an answer that nobody likes: it depends…

Starting with a negative side – large amounts of this leather rises the wealth of your colony. It may seem like a good thing until raiders decide to attack you for what your items. As we mentioned before, normal colonists doesn’t like wearing this material and they get a -2 mood penalty for as long as they have to wear it. Moreover, you also need to get that leather. Unless you are buying it – getting human leather in other ways is very unpleasant for colonists.

colonists hate human leather
Normal people hate human leather

But look at the bright side – this leather is expensive, it doesn’t give any mood penalty when making clothes of it and you can sell them for pretty sweet prices! People provide big amounts of meat, which is great for making pemmican etc. Lastly, cannibals and bloodlust colonists will love human leather clothing as they enjoy other people suffering…

cannibal likes it
Cannibal loves it!

So, human leather in Rimworld isn’t “golden”, but there are some great benefits if you have psychos or cannibals in your colony!


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