1-how to use long range mineral scanner

Long range mineral scanner is great once you mine all minerals around you, because long range means all the world, not only an area your colony is based in – you should know that before getting into long range scanning.

To build this scanner you need to research it first (2000 points + microelectronics and machining is required). Once you complete the research, you’ll find it in “Misc” section. Steel, components, advanced components and minimum of 8 construction skill is required to build this scanner. Now, let’s see how to use long range mineral scanner in RimWorld.

long range mineral scanner research
Research table

Scanning is done by researchers, not miners

Don’t be mistaken that it needs a good mining skill to operate. Long range mineral scanner has to be operated by a researcher. The better is “Research” skill, the quicker results will be. We cannot say exactly how quickly you’ll find your first minerals, because there’s no clear info about that. Even RimWorldWiki states that finding these minerals is “somewhat random”. However, it is said that it takes roughly 8-9 days to find something.

And remember that researching has higher priority than long range mineral scanning, so you should either have at least two colonists assigned to research or disable research bench if not needed.

How to use long range mineral scanner?

There’s nothing extraordinary about using it – all you need to do is set it up correctly and that’s all. Here’s how you should do that:

  • Build your long range mineral scanner (it must be outside)
  • Right click on it and choose your preferred setting for mineral. You can choose of a few of them. There’s no possibility to search for all of them at once however.

    2-how to use long range mineral scanner
    Long range mineracl scanner settings
  • Once you select your preferred mineral, a colonist, who’s assigned to researching, will come and start scanning. As we said, make sure that these colonists aren’t busy with something else.
  • Now you need to wait until you get a notification “far minerals”.

    long range mineral scanner notification
    It only lasts for 30 days

As you can see, this quest isn’t permanent and now you need to form a caravan to go and collect this ore. But be aware that you need to have a few soldiers with you, because there’s almost always a chance of finding hostile people here or manhunter packs.

mineral location on the map
Mineral location on the map

Your journey most probably will be rewarded well, because long range mineral scanner detected ore lumps are quite big and can hold as many as 1000 steel, 3000 silver etc.

Start with ground penetrating scanner

Ground penetrating scanner does require more research work to unlock it, but if your colony still isn’t strong enough for big caravans and attacks – you should try this first. Ground penetrating scanner only scans the area you are living in. Once you find resources – just build a deep drill on that location and a miner will do the rest.

The disadvantage of this is that you cannot choose which mineral you want to find – ground penetrating scanner will find anything randomly.

Now that you know how to use long range mineral scanner, you can gather large lumps of ore around the world or begin with ground penetrating scanner first – it’s your choice!


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