How to train animals in RimWorld

Animal training is very useful in such situations as raids or hauling. Considering how easy training process is, you can train every pet in your colony in a matter of a few in-game days, without any effort. Trained animals behave better, respond quicker and understand when your colony needs help. So, how to train animals and manage them?

Tame wild animals

You can train animals you already tamed, but if you want to train something from wild, you need to tame them first.

This time, you’ll need a colonist with the best “Animals” skill. It shows how good colonist is at training, taming and handling animals. The better this skill is, the quicker and more successful training and taming will be. Pyotr Adams has the best “Animals” skill in our colony:

1-how to train animals
Pyotr Adams is an expert in working with animals

The difficulty of taming a specific animal depends on wilderness, which varies between 0% and 100%. Taming is dangerous as more aggressive and wild animals tend to attack anyone who tries to tame it. You should be aware that any animal with wilderness level no bigger than 30% can be tamed by anyone, even with 0 “Animals” skill. Once the wilderness level goes above that – higher and higher animal taming skill is required.

To tame an animal, just click on it and choose “Tame”.

How to train animals?

Animal training in RimWorld is pretty simple and straightforward:

  1. Choose an animal you want to train. You can do that either by finding and clicking on it or choosing “Animals” tab at the bottom of your screen and then choose a desired one.
  2. Click on “Training” tab and you’ll see tameness, guard, attack, rescue and haul – will talk about that later. 2-how to train animals
  3. Now you can check or uncheck the abilities you want to train. Green checkmark means that colonists assigned to handling will approach this animal and train. Red “X” means that training is stopped at the moment.

As you can see in the latter picture, each ability is divided into a few stages. The higher is stage, the bigger is a chance of that action happening.

  • Tameness – if an animal isn’t trained regularly, this ability will decrease until wilderness.
  • Guard – this ability shows how good an animal is at guarding its owner from attackers.
  • Attack – this shows how quickly and how often this animal will attack someone after releasing it.
  • Rescue – this ability helps your animal to understand that injured allies has to be rescued.
  • Haul – animals with this ability trained can haul items to your stockpiles.

Keep in mind that every animal has to be maintained, so you can’t just train 20 bears to attack and leave them that way. Animal handler has to train them regularly to prevent losing valuable abilities.

Tips for animal training in RimWorld

Animal training itself, as we showed before, is very easy. But in order to control their behaviour for your colony’s good, you should remember a few rules.

Use a melee weapon when taming

Earlier we mentioned that some wild animals can get aggressive while you try to tame them. That is why every tamer should carry a melee weapon (and know how to use it well). Ranged weapons are not going to work as ranged, because if an animal attacks you, you will be right next to it.

3-cougar is dangerous to tame
There’s a 10% chance of this beast attacking you while taming

Assign animals to different colonists

There is a thing called “bonding” in RimWorld. It means that an animal can bond with a colonist and that person gets a permanent -3 mood penalty if it’s assigned to someone else. However, if you have good combat animals, you should assign them to separate colonists. This strategy will help to protect as many colonists as possible, not just one or two.

Don’t slaughter self-tamed animals

There’s a possibility of wild animals becoming tamed for no reason. They come to your colony ready to be trained. You even can get a group of random tamed animals (such as 10 Labrador retrievers). The point is – it’s not worth slaughtering them.

Self-tamed animals can be annoying, because they come and eat your food, but you can sell these animals. Always think about trading before destroying something, because each animal can be worth even more than 1k!

4-self-tamed timber wolf
This timber wolf just became self-tamed!

Place animal sleeping spots

Yes, animals can sleep anywhere and they don’t really care where they do that. However, each animal should have sleeping spots or animal beds. That will help you to manage them easier and healing is also more efficient in animal bed or sleeping spot. For example, if your pet gets injured, you can’t use “rescue”, because there is no place to carry it to.

5-animal healing
It’s much better to heal your animals in animal beds

Choose wisely

Every animal in RimWorld is unique. Some of them are good for food, others for combat, but some species are just useless. For example, taming and training hares, raccoons, cats etc. just doesn’t give you anything – they are bad at combat and they don’t offer much meat, skin. Now that you know how to train animals, choose animals like cows, muffalos, chickens, pigs for food and wargs, wolves, bears, cobras for combat.


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