1-how to trade with visitors rimworld

Visitors in RimWorld may be annoying for some, but useful for others. Did you know that you can create a nice, cosy guest room so that visitors could hang around and eat? There are many reasons why you should wait for visitors to come and one of them is trading. But how to trade with visitors in RimWorld?

Prepare for traders

Before you trade, create a stockpile zone if you don’t have one. Then haul all your items inside it, because you can’t trade a stack of steel if it’s on the other side of a map.

You also can build a room for them to hang around, which we talked about earlier. All you need to do is build a decent sized room, place a heater/cooler to keep the temperature at about 21°C, place a big table with 8 chairs around it. Visitors also love armchairs – befriend them!

How to trade with visitors?

Your “visitors” may be either visitors or traders. The main difference between them is that visitors usually don’t have much stuff to offer and they don’t buy much also. It’s like they trade because “why not?”. However, traders visit you because their goal is trading. There are a few groups of traders in RimWorld and they come in large groups. The main difference between these groups is in items they’re carrying. For example, bulk goods trader offers and buys mainly food and other basic items, combat supplier – weapons, armour etc.

2-bulk goods trader caravan from Herterhelia
Bulk goods trader caravan from Herterhelia is ready to trade!

To trade, just find a trader in visitor’s group or caravan (he/she is marked with yellow “?”), choose a colonist and click the trader with your right mouse button, then click “Trade with…”.

Then a trading table will pop-up. You can see all items on the left. For example, this colony has 800 silver and trader has 770 and same goes for other displayed items. The price rule is pretty similar to other games – you can sell items for a low price, but you’ll pay much more when buying them.

3-how to trade with visitors in RimWorld
Trading table

Social skill helps to negotiate

There are loads of amazing details in RimWorld and one of them is that socially experienced colonists are better in negotiating prices while trading. Each skill point grants 0,5% lower price when buying and 0,5% higher price when selling. Look at the pictures below to see the difference:

4-how to trade with visitors
Prices when colonist’s social skill is “0”
5-how to trade with visitors
Prices when colonist’s social skill is “20”

Don’t sell raw materials

If you have a bunch of steel, plasteel after mining or wood after planting trees etc. – don’t sell them if you seek profit. A much more efficient way of making money (silver) in RimWorld is by creating, crafting something. Take a look at your colonists – is there anyone good at art, crafting, construction? If no, than maybe it’s time to get more people in your colony?

You sell 100 steel for about 150 silver, which is lame compared to what you can get for a little effort. For example, you can create a large sculpture using 100 steel, which is worth 1000-2000 silver! Same goes for furniture, clothes, weapons etc.

Gameplay is much more fulfilling when you know how to trade with visitors and traders in RimWorld. Moreover, creating caravans and orbital trading is even more interesting!


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