how to store dead animals RimWorld

Food is the most vital part of RimWorld. You can survive without guns, defenses, but if you’re short on food – few days and you’re out! In that case, you should know hot to store dead animals in RimWorld as you can’t just put them anywhere and cook whenever you want.

Store dead animals in a freezer

First of all, it’s all about freezing these dead animals. If you want to avoid spoiling without any effort, just start your colony in a cold environment. However, it’s way easier to build a simple freezer instead of trying to survive in harsh arctic climates of RimWorld. Building a freezer in RimWorld is pretty easy job. Start with four walls, put a door and place a cooler inside a wall. Be sure to place them in a right direction as blue area should be facing inside of a freezer. And one important tip: make sure at least one wall is an outside wall. Why? Because coolers need to blow hot air out. If you blow it inside, you may face temperatures as high as 100°C!

Create a stockpile zone inside freezer

Once you build a freezer, all you need to do is create a stockpile zone inside of it – no one is going to store dead animals here without a zone.

So, just create a stockpile zone and change zone settings so that only food and animal corpses (dead animals) could be stores here. And don’t forget to change the importance of this zone to “Critical”, because you need food first and all other items next, right?

how to store dead animals

Build seperate freezers for food and dead animals

There are two reasons for building two or even three freezers. First one is creating an organised space – it’s a good idea to create a meals-only stockpile near your dining room and meat stockpile near your butcher table. The third freezer you should consider making is for your animals, because if you let them eat anything they want – they’ll prefer eating your precious meals you made for colonists!

So, that’s how to store dead animals in RimWorld. A walk in freezer should be on of the first things in your game, because you will be short on food very quickly. Even if you don’t need to store dead animals – potatoes, rice and other vegetables also must be refrigerated to last. RimWorld requires patience and organisation, so take your time, plan your resources and build a walk in freezer as fast as you can!



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