There are many different resources in RimWorld, which you have to take care of. Some of them are renewable, some not. However, once you establish your base, your needs also grow. Once of these needs is wood. How to get wood? – By cutting down trees, of course. But now you are in a situation, that your need for trees is so huge that they can’t keep up growing and only available trees are too far to carry. There’s only one way out of this – understanding how to plant trees in RimWorld.

How to plant trees – step by step guide

  1. You need to research “Tree sowing”. It’s one of the first researches available and only requires 1000 points, so it shouldn’t take long.

    Tree planting in research
    Research of tree sowing
  2. Create a growing zone by clicking Architect-Zone-Growing zone. Once you create a zone, click it and you will be able to choose from various plants. As you can see, some of them are trees.

    2-how to plant trees rimworld
    Creating a growing zone
  3. Once you choose your preferred type of tree, colonists (who are assigned to growing) will start planting trees.

    3-how to plant trees rimworld
    Let the tree planting begin!

Trees don’t have high requirements for growing, so it’s a great way to produce materials almost all year long.

Bonus tips for tree planting

One thing you should really be looking for is rich soil – all plants grow almost third of a time quicker than on a regular soil. Rich soil is darker – it spawns randomly in a map, so don’t expect to have perfectly rectangular fields on rich soil. Be aware, that mud is also darker (just point your mouse to your preferred spot to figure out the type of soil). Take a look at the photo below:

Rich soil in Rimworld
Grass is growing wildly on rich soil

Oak or poplar tree?

If you are considering whether to choose oak or poplar tree for planting, it should depend on your needs. Poplar trees grow faster (15 days), so you will be able to gather wood earlier. However, oak takes more time to grow (30 days), but it’s stronger and more valuable – higher price, sturdier weapons and furniture!

Don’t rush harvesting!

You can harvest wood once trees reach 40% of their growth. However, harvesting them at this stage gives you only 50% of what you would get from 100% grown trees! So, it’s a bad habit to cut them down without waiting for them to fully grow.

There are 13 types of trees in RimWorld

You may be able to see only 3-4 types of trees, because it depends on a climate your colony is based in. However, if your main need is wood – all you need to know is how to plant trees in RimWorld. Good luck!






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