How to make pemmican

It’s the type of food that many players just ignore. However, it is very useful in various situations like forming caravans and solar flares – you’ll never starve if you know how to make pemmican.

Why you should produce it?

According to RimWorld, pemmican “tastes bland, but not offensive”. Unlike simple meal, it requires both meat and vegetables/fruits. But the main advantage here is that it can stay unrefrigerated for over an in-game year!

Another benefit is that colonists can eat just a bit of pemmican – if a colonist is slightly hungry, he can eat just some of it, for example, before a hunt. Meanwhile meals can only be fully consumed.

But don’t expect to get any happiness boost when eating “bland tasting” food!

How to make pemmican?

You can make it just like a regular meal. The only difference is that you have to research it first (unless you started as a lost tribe – then you have this research completed by default).

First of all, you need to butcher some animals and collect some vegetables. Then follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Research pemmican first (only requires 500 points, so it’s a quick one)
  2. Choose stove or a campfire and add a bill for “Make pemmican”
  3. Your cook will grab 5 meat and 5 vegetable items and start cooking.

    2-making pemmican
    5 muffalo meat + 5 potatoes = 16 pemmican!

And that’s it! It takes some time to complete 1x “Make pemmican”, but you’ll get a bunch of food of a few raw meat and vegetable items.

“I made a bunch of pemmican, now what?”

If you are making pemmican, you probably aren’t thinking about consuming it daily. Colonists are much happier when they can eat normal meals and this quick food is something you can use in “extra” cases.

One of these cases is prisoner feeding. Click on a prisoner and look for “food restriction” in the health tab. Now unmark all meals and leave only pemmican. That’s how you can feed prisoners with it instead of wasting your hard-earned, tasty fine or lavish meals.

Another case is animal feeding. One of the most annoying things in RimWorld is when all of your animals come to a food stockpile and just consume tasty meals. Pemmican is pretty good solution for this – it’s cheap to make, you will always have tons of it and all your animals be just as happy as eating lavish meals! Moreover, it’s much cheaper to train animals using pemmican than actual meals.

How about packaged survival meal?

Both of them are great for travelling and preserving. The difference is that pemmican needs 0,5 nutrients and survival meal needs 0,6, but you only get 0,1 more nutrients from survival meal when consuming it. However, it gives a +5 mood boost, whereas pemmican doesn’t give anything. To sum up, survival meal requires 2500 points of research combines, which is time-consuming compared to 500.

3-how to make pemmican
In-game info about pemmican

Now that you know how to make pemmican in RimWorld, you can prepare for caravan trips and various disasters easier and quicker.


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