1-how to make herbal medicine in rimworld
Wild healroots

RimWorld is a dangerous planet and any of your colonists can be injured in a matter of seconds. Every time you’re creating a new colony, one of the most important concerns is probably getting at least one colonist with high doctor skill. Yes, it’s a smart move, but that skill is almost useless if there is no medicine around. There are three types of medicine in RimWorld at the moment and herbal medicine is the easiest to achieve. So, how to make herbal medicine in RimWorld and what else should you know before using it?

It’s the worst medicine in the game

According to RimWorld Wiki, each medicine has a “medical potency points” – they show the effectiveness of each medicine. Standard medicine has 1 point, glitterworld medicine has 1,6 point and herbal medicine has only 0,6.

It also means that herbal medicine is not capable of healing serious injuries or infections. However, many players survive hundreds of days with a help of it. Why? Regular medicine requires some knowledge, materials and research to make, so it’s always wise to start with herbal medicine.

How to make herbal medicine in RimWorld?

The only type of medicine you can make in this game is a regular medicine. Herbal medicine can be bought, collected or grown. Let’s get into these ways of getting it step-by-step.


Traders will visit your colony regularly. Sometimes you can see them just passing by, but if there’s a question mark above any of them – you can trade with that visitor. Some traders offer herbal medicine for a pretty decent price, which can be affected by your colonist social skills.


That is the quickest and easiest way to get herbal medicine. The plant, which contains it, is called “Healroot” or “Wild healroot” (effectiveness is the same for both). Although not all biomes can create conditions for these plants to grow, you’ll find them in most cases. Once found, just click on it and choose “harvest”.


Now that’s where the highest amount of herbal medicine is hiding. You can plant healroots yourself and harvest them later. So this is how to do it in RimWorld:

  1. Create a growing zone, click on it and choose healroot.
  2. The minimum of 8 “growing” skill points are required to sow healroot.

    2-healroot info
    Detailed information about healroots
  3. Bear in mind that growing time is 7 days. Moreover, both sowing and harvesting are long processes.

Build a fridge before harvesting healroots, because herbal medicine has to be stored in cold environment (refrigerated). It will spoil quickly otherwise!

Don’t harvest too early!

As we mentioned earlier, you can harvest healroots even if they are not fully grown. However, if you don’t want to waste them, wait till 100% growth. The less a healroot is grown, the smaller chance is to harvest it successfully. You should also know that every healroot holds one herbal medicine, so if you fail to harvest it – you get nothing.

3-how to make herbal medicine
You can harvest it, but there’s a high risk of failing it

The last tip…

You know how to make herbal medicine in RimWorld, but you should also know how to protect healroots. Wild animals love them and you may not find many healroots left after a night. So make sure to collect all healroots on the map as soon as possible and build protecting walls if you are growing them by yourself.



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