How to make a walk in freezer in rimworld

Freezer isn’t critically important in RimWorld, but it really helps to preserve huge amounts of food for years. The structure of a walk in freezer is very simple, but it depends on a climate your colony is based in. For example, while colonies in arctic don’t even need coolers, colonists in warm climate zones need to build even an extra insulation for their freezers. So, how to make a walk in freezer?

The size of a freezer

Your freezer will grow together with the amount of colonists. It may look like that a 4×4 sized freezer is plenty for 3 colonists, but it gets cramped very quickly. For example, sending hunters to gather a large amount of meat at once is more convenient than doing that every day, but by little. 4×4 freezer will be full after hunting a few muffalos.

Build a decent sized freezer and make sure that you’ll be able to expand it later. Another great idea is to build separate freezers for raw meat, vegetables, meals – that’ll keep everything organised.

How to make a walk in freezer?

The type of freezer depends on the area your colony is based in. We will talk about necessary improvements in the later section. These are the steps for making a basic one:

  1. Choose a material for walls. All materials provide the same insulation, but we recommend avoiding wood as it’s very flammable
  2. Build a room and place a cooler and a door in any wall. If you’re making a freezer in the mountain, make sure that one wall is facing outside so that hot air from coolers could be blown freely1-how to make a walk in freezer in rimworld
  3. Place flooring to avoid food poisoning and provide electricity to coolers2-how to make a walk in freezer in rimworld
  4. Create a stockpile zone inside a freezer, forbid anything than food, disallow rotten items (because it’s useless) and make the storage “Critical” priority so that colonists would prefer bringing meat and food here.

    3-stockpile zone settings
    Take some time to change these settings

Coolers require a source of constant electricity, that’s why you should build some batteries or use geothermal energy.

Extra insulation for colder climates

The most efficient insulation in RimWorld is building double walls. There’s no difference in materials you are using for them however – make them thicker and that’ll do the trick.

Double walls – double doors. In the situation where the difference between outside and inside temperatures are very big, you will see huge temperature spike when opening walk in freezer door. That’s why you should create a 2×1 hallway and put another door at the end of it. Here’s an example of a decent insulation:

4-insulated walk in freezer
Try resizing gaps between cooler and vent to find optimal temperatures

Sterile tiles

Your food storage must be clean and while you can achieve cleanliness just by cleaning, sterile tiles in RimWorld provide additional 0,6 cleanliness. Not only your colonists love sterile environment, it’s much easier to keep rooms with sterile tiles clean. The downside – it’s costly. Each tile requires 3 steel, 12 silver and at least level 6 in construction.

5-sterile tiles
Freezer with sterile tiles

Now that you know how to make a freezer, we recommend doing some experiments – playing with a structure, changing gaps between doors and setting different temperatures. Oh, and the last thing – don’t set very low temperatures. -1°C is as good as -20°C for freezing food, so save electricity by setting a bit higher temperature. Moreover, we can help you if your freezer is not working properly or not working at all.


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