1-how to make carpet

Carpets in Rimworld aren‘t necessary, but it‘s a really nice touch to interior designs. Carpets are cheap and very quick to build, providing you +2 beauty for each tile. The question many players ask is how to make a carpet in Rimworld? It’s actually very simple and is a perfect solution for deserted areas.

The benefits of carpets

Technically, the only benefits of carpets in Rimworld are +2 beauty boost, 100% walk speed and a quick build speed. However, fine carpet gives +4 beauty, but fine carpet also requires 36 cloth instead of 7 cloth to build.

If we leave technical stuff behind – carpets do look cool! We mentioned that they are perfect for deserted areas and it’s because there are almost no trees around and wooden floor isn’t an option. In that case you can put carpet on top of any floors – cheap, quick and nice.

How to make a carpet?

First of all, you need cloth. You can get cloth by either buying it from traders or growing by yourself. We recommend the latter choice, because you can use cloth for high quality furniture too, which can be sold for good money later! Okay, let’s not get carried away with irrelevant stuff. Once you have cotton, next steps are:

  1. Click on “Research” tab and start researching “carpet making”. It only requires 800 points and is available from the very beginning of a game2-research carpet making
  2. Once research is done, choose “Floors” in “Architect” menu. You’ll find simple cloth and fine carpets. Click on any of them, choose your preferred color and you’re ready to build!3-choosing floor type

Interestingly, carpets in Rimworld are considered as floors, because before putting them down, the old floors have to be removed. Take a look at the image below and you’ll see that colonists remove wooden floors before laying carpet.

4-laying carpet
Wood floor removal before laying carpet

Don’t expect anything special

Carpets in Rimworld are great for realizing your design ideas and fulfilling cosmetic needs. However, in terms of beauty, your room will be “mediocre” in the best case.

5-carpet design ideas
Play with colors!

If you are into wealth and beauty, consider getting something else. A few facts: carpet is better than wood in terms of wealth and beauty. Wood floor provides 3,9 wealth while carpet – 13,38 points of wealth. However, wood floors and carpets are the only flammable types of floors in Rimworld (carpet is more flammable than wood).

If you want to compare how small this wealth is, bear in mind that silver tiles provide 73 points of wealth and gold – an astonishing 705 points!

Now that you know how to make a carpet in Rimworld, you can create the coziest rooms for your hard-working colonists.


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