1-rimworld how to heal animals

Healing animals in Rimworld is as important as it sounds. They often are your companions, workers or even life-savers. There’s no doubt you must be careful when hunting or defending your base from raiders – your pets often behave silly and immediately attack, without even thinking about consequences. So, here’s how to heal animals in Rimworld.

How to heal?

This is one of those tasks, which are very easy, but still requires to make the first step. So, begin with building an animal bed. You can choose from animal sleeping spot, box or bed. Once you have at least one of them built, your tamed animals will sleep there and you’ll be able to carry them there for healing. If an animal isn’t severely injured, he’ll get there by himself.

Animal sleeping spot, box and bed are different

Simple sleeping spots for animals are as comfortable as sleeping on the floor. “But what is the point of it then?” – you may ask. Simply put, sleeping spot lets you control your pets. They will use spots for sleeping and healing.

And remember, you can’t heal animals without sleeping spots.

Animal sleeping box is better than nothing, but it’s only good for small animals as bigger ones won’t fit. You only need 25 units of wood/steel or other basic material to build it.

Animal bed is the best furniture you can get for your beloved pet. It does require such materials as leather or cloth. Colonists have many different needs, but animals only need food and rest. In that case, well rested pets will be ready to hunt and haul for longer.

2-how to heal animals in rimworld
Husky is healthy again and ready to hunt!

You can’t heal all injuries

If your pet got himself in a bad situation, he may come up with some really bad injuries like shattered bones etc. In that case, all you can do is provide the best possible care and hope for the best. However, permanent injuries are unavoidable in this case. The best way to avoid that is to protect your pets from such injuries as gunshots or explosions. Remember that animals in Rimworld are as fragile as people. In fact, even more fragile, because they can’t wear armor, helmets or use guns.

That’s how to heal animals in Rimworld. As you see, all you need is a spot for pets to sleep and a colonist, who is capable of doctoring. Save your most valuable animals from injuries by carefully rethinking your defending or hunting strategies. And if you make a mistake – now you know how to fix it!



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