how to clean floors in RimWorld

Clean environment in RimWorld is very important in various cases like diseases, room beauty and colonists mood. It means that you should take cleaning task in RimWorld seriously as many things can be ruined by dirty environment. So, how to clean floors and how to keep them clean?

Assign colonists to cleaning

If you didn’t already, check on “work” tab in the game. There you’ll see what tasks each colonist can be assigned to. However, cleaning doesn’t require any skills, but if someone is “incapable of dumb labour”, they’ll never do and know hot to clean floors.

So, first of all check if anyone is assigned to “Clean”. If yes, another thing to check is if they are busy. For example, if there loads of mining and mining, cleaning is assigned for a same colonist – he will always be busy on mining. So, it’s always good to have colonist mostly for cleaning. That’s why you shouldn’t waste opportunities to get more people!

Place sterile tiles

Check any cleaned room stats and you’ll see that cleanliness is at “0”. But did you know that by putting sterile tiles in a room you’ll get +0.60 cleanliness? It means that if your room is clean, you’ll also get additional 0.60 points and it will be “sterile”. Moreover, if your room cleanliness is -0.60, it’ll be considered as clean because of sterile tiles.

Edit your home zone

Colonists clean only home zones and these can be pretty huge by default. Remember that people of your colony like to do more important things first and get to cleaning once there’s nothing else to do. So you want to make sure that they won’t be cleaning unnecessary places.

Just select zones and choose an option to edit them.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to get more people without skills to your colony, because you’ll always need cleaners and haulers – there’s a use of everyone in your RimWorld colony! Now that you know how to clean floors – let’s make your colony clean again!



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