how to butcher animals

Butchering is one of the vital survival parts in RimWorld. By butchering dead animals, you convert them into pieces of meat, which can be used for cooking meals and making pemmican, packaged survival meals etc. Butchering is considered as “cooking”, so the speed of butchering depends on “Cooking” skill. However, how to butcher animals and how to do it right?

Butcher table vs butcher spot

There are two ways to butcher animals – using table or special spot. Placing a butcher spot is quick, doesn’t require any labour and materials. But butcher table has to be built by a colonist and does require wood and/or other materials.

The main difference between this butchering equipment is efficiency. While table gives you all possible meat and skin, butcher spot gives only 70% of materials, which is pretty costly in the long run (-30% loss). So, if there’s no emergency for meals – skip butcher spot and build a proper table.

How to butcher animals?

Animal butchering is very easy. Build a butcher table (or spot) and make sure that there are available animal corpses. They must be reachable and not rotten. Then:

  1. Click on your butcher table (or spot) and choose “Bills”
  2. Click “Add bill” and then “Butcher creature”
  3. And that’s how you add a bill for butchering. Please note that you can choose how many corpses you want to butcher, but we recommend to choose “Forever” as there’s usually no point of butchering just a few animal corpses

    1-how to butcher animals
    Butchering menu
  4. Additional: click “Details” to choose what type of corpses you want to butcher.

Colonists can get food poisoning because of low cleanliness in a cooking room. Bear in mind that butcher table provides -15 cleanliness, that’s why we recommend to build a butcher table and stove in a separate rooms.

3-butcher table info
Low cleanliness is bad for cooking

Build a freezer

Before you start butchering and cooking, make sure you will be able to freeze corpses and meat. If your colony is based in cold environment – this isn’t going to be a problem. However, colonies in warm areas must have a freezer to survive. it should be next to a kitchen so that both corpses and raw meat could be easily accessible. Here’s how to make a walk in freezer.

Simple freezer for animal corpses and meat

Other types of meat

You can butcher people and insects in RimWorld. Only in-game psychopaths don’t care about butchering their allies. However, most colonists will find that disturbing and will get mood penalty. Moreover, consuming human meat is considered as cannibalism and only cannibals will appreciate these meals. Other colonists will get a huge -20 mood penalty.

Colonists don’t like insect meat either. It’s not as bad as human meat, but you’ll still get -3 mood penalty. Insect meat is produced by such creatures as megascarab, megaspider, spelopede.

And that’s how to butcher animals. You should prefer animal meat as often as possible and cannibalism should be left in the last place possible. By the way, cannibalism is pretty common when colonists lose their minds, so don’t put dead bodies in dump stockpiles. Bury or burn them instead. Good luck!




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